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House in Isesaki

Residence+α @ Isesaki, Gunma
Design: Yu Yamada, Sunao Koase, Ryota Yamagishi /SNARK Inc.+ Shin Yokoo, Kakeru Tsuruta /OUVI
Construction: Soken House
Total area: 212.55㎡ (1F/106.30㎡ 2F/106.25㎡)
Completion: Jun.2020
Photo: Ippei Shinzawa





A new house with a rental space in front of Isesaki Station in Gunma Prefecture. The site is adjacent to the elevated railway of JR Ryomo Line.

The client family requested a house which has a rental space. They also wanted to install solar power panels as much as possible. The plan was to use the rent from the rental space and the sales of electricity generated by the solar power panels to cover the building construction cost, and to create a community in front of the station based around the building. In consideration of the vibration of trains and the noise from the rental space, the rental space on the first floor was built with concrete and the house on the second was built with wooden frames. The roof is extended to the second floor to create a large under-roof space and to put solar panels at an optimal angle.

When the rental space is used by tenants, people gather and the economy circulate, we hope that this building will have some impact on an ordinary suburb dotted with rental car stores, business hotels, and convenience stores.