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Brewery & Restaurant @ Kiryu, Gunma
Design: Sunao Koase, Shota Kaneko /SNARK Inc.
Construction: Nakashizu Construction
Steel Product: gambit, Kato steel inc., Kaneko steel inc.
Floor area: 129.17㎡ (1F/59.62㎡ 2F/59.62㎡ 3F/9.93㎡)
Completion: Mar.2021
Photo: Ippei Shinzawa





A craft beer brewery and restaurant located in Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture. The site faces Kiryu Tenmangu Shrine and is in a good location to see the view of cherry blossom trees in spring. We created a large opening along the street so that the customers can enjoy the view from the seating area and also the brewery can be seen from outside.

In the tap bar attached to the brewery on the first floor, the brewing room and the backyard were built with a minimum of space in order to create a wider seating area along the street. The brewing tank and other equipment are placed in a minimal volume that protrudes into the seating area. We separated the volume from the original steel ceiling to give the feeling of depth and openness to the space.

The restaurant on the second floor has the same spatial configuration, but since it is a calm space where the customers stay longer than those on the first floor do, we used different finishes and colors to create a contrast. The legs of the tables are fixed to the tabletops with draw latches, and by changing the length of the legs, the tables can be used in various ways, from high tables to benches.