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House in Takasaki

Residence @ Takasaki, Gunma
Design: Sunao Koase, (Megumi Yamazaki) /SNARK Inc.+ Shin Yokoo /OUVI
Structural design: Shin Yokoo /OUVI
Construction: Shibusawa Techno Construction
Total area: 131.67㎡ (1F/65.22㎡ 2F/66.45㎡)
Site area: 219.72㎡
Completion: Feb.2021
Photo: Ippei Shinzawa

群馬県高崎市 市街地と観音山の間の造成地に建つ設計者の自邸である。





This is the designer’s own residence which is located on a site between the city center and Mt. Kannon in Takasaki, Gunma.
The site was developed about 20 years ago by cutting a slope at the foot of the mountain. It is tangent to the road at the B1F where there is a garage, and there is a flat area built on top of the garage. The site has different elevations on the all sides from each of the neighboring properties, and the view of the Takasaki City can be seen from the height of the second floor on the north side.

Due to constraints such as the bearing capacity of the garage, the north side diagonal restriction (height limitation) , the building volume was decided to be a two-story structure with a long north-south orientation.

The structure of the building is independent of the interior floor plan, and the bearing capacity is met by double walls around the perimeter. Therefore, the interior can be created in a furniture-like manner and can be modified after construction is completed. The double-walls increase the depth of the window sill, making it possible to add various functions such as curtain boxes, shelves for decoration, and more insulation material. Openings were planned independently from the structure to ensure visibility to the outside from each room. This also allows the wind blowing on the surrounding sloping terrain to be taken in.

By treating the elements that make up the building such as the structure, openings, furniture, and finishes independently, we wanted to create a new prototype that explores the variability of the house, which will be used in different ways at different life stages. Behind the site, there is an untouched sloping land, and we plan to expand the living space there in the future. The owner, who is also the designer, will create a new lifestyle for each family member, changing the space for each life stage.