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House in Niiza

Residence @ Niiza, Saitama
Design: Sunao Koase, Ayaka Seki /SNARK Inc.
Construction: 針谷工務店
Steel Product: gambit
Total area: 71.85㎡ (1F/33.50㎡ 2F/38.35㎡)
Completion: Jul. 2021
Photo: Takuya Seki


A renovation project of a 50-year-old terraced house in Niiza City, Saitama Prefecture.
The space was kept as simple as possible to preserve the atmosphere of the existing building and to make the most of the newly placed objects. The client made some of the furniture himself, and we provided advice to create the space as a designer. Our design and the client’s unique finishing touches maintain a certain tension, while creating an atmosphere that is in harmony with the client’s daily life. This project made us aware of the activities beyond the completion of construction, such as living, maintenance, and customization.