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House in Ishiharamachi

Residence @ Takasaki, Gunma
Design: Sunao Koase, Noriko Koba /SNARK Inc.
Construction: Roccadia design and works
Total area: 80.30㎡
Completion: Nov. 2021
Photo: Ippei Shinzawa




A renovation project of two-story wooden house which was built about 30 years ago. We removed the walls separating the rooms inside on the first and second floors, making each one a single room. We also added a storage space that doubles as an entrance. In addition, the windows on the south side of each floor were enlarged to allow light to reach the entire rooms.

With the exception of the installation of the water system, which required specialized work, the majority of the construction work will be done by the client himself. To facilitate the work of the client, who is an amateur builder, we adopted the plan with a lot of blank spaces. From the time of demolition of the existing building, meetings were held among the builder (i.e., the client), the demolition contractor, and the designer to share the completed image. We look forward to seeing the client’s DIY work in the future, creating spaces we never expected.