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ユカシカド ファクトリー
Factory @ Matsumoto, Nagano
Design: Rei Oshima /SNARK Inc.
Art director: Atsushi Ishiguro /OUWN
Project management /Design direction: Masayuki Sakurai, Yohei Yamaguchi /TRAIL HEADS
Construction: Total Project, Soujitsu Facilities Inc.
Total area: 1488.49㎡ (1F/1032.30㎡ 2F/456.19㎡)
Completion: Apr.2021
Photo: Ippei Shinzawa

同社が新しく立ち上げた自社検査センター&製造工場「YUKASHIKADO FACTORY」を設計。



YUKASHIKADO is a company that provides nutritional improvement services tailored to an individual’s constitution and nutritional balance. We designed the company’s newly launched in-house testing center and manufacturing factory, YUKASHIKADO FACTORY.

In response to the company’s request to provide a place where staff can work comfortably and spend time in a friendly atmosphere, we stripped off the finishes except for the testing rooms to show the architectural frame, and actively added materials to create the atmosphere. At the same time, we proceeded with the graphic design of the logo and signage. The logo was made in three dimensions and designed to look different depending on the angle of view. The logo and signage have a strong presence, yet they are in harmony with the new interior design.