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Art Gallery @ Jingumae, Tokyo
Design: Yu Yamada, Mako Shimanuki, Sunao Koase /SNARK Inc.
Structural design: Yoshinori Suzuki, Kakeru Tsuruta /TECTONICA Inc.
Construction: Marukou Construction
Total area: 266.03㎡ (1F/92.74㎡ 2F/86.68㎡ 3F/52.11㎡ 4F/34.50㎡)
Completion: May.2021
Photo: Ippei Shinzawa




This is the new flagship gallery of NANZUKA, an experimental art gallery that aims to connect pop culture and contemporary art. The gallery moved from Shibuya to Jingumae due to the reconstruction of the building that they had been housed in,and built a new building with a multi-purpose space.

The volume of the building was derived from the legal restrictions on the size and height of the building, and the desire to secure an exhibition space with as high a ceiling as possible on the first and second floors, and to have a multi-purpose space on the third and fourth floors. Elements such as stairs, handrails and eaves are made of galvanized iron so that the outdoor area can be used as an exhibition space or a terrace. The design of the logo on the eaves and the idea of using mirrors for the door were brought by Mr. Hajime Sorayama. The painting of the exterior walls on the first and second floors was done by Mr. Tetsuya Nakamura. They both are artists affiliated with NANZUKA. The elements such as stairs, handrails and eaves made of the same material and the mirrored door and logo were attached to the building contrastingly, which creates a symbolic appearance suitable for a flagship gallery.