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House in Annaka

Residence @Annaka, Gunma
Design: Sunao Koase, Shota Kaneko /SNARK Inc.
Construction: トージロー建築工匠
Steel Product: gambit
Planting: AYANAS
Total area: 89.23㎡
Site area: 390.09㎡
Completion: Mar.2021
Photo: Ippei Shinzawa





A new house in Annaka City, Gunma Prefecture. It was built on land for housing that had been converted from agricultural land, and is surrounded by leek and mulberry fields. Since there are few houses in the surrounding area, we planned to create gardens of various sizes around the building and to create an open space that overlooks the gardens.

The dining room, where the family gathers, is located in the center of the house, and the rooms are arranged around it like a windmill. The walls surrounding the dining room are made of the same material as the exterior walls to create a space as if the outside space had entered the room. The floor is finished with earthen floor to create a sense of connection with the earthen floor in the garden.

We designed an earthen floor in the garden that borders the dining room, according to its use and planting plan. In particular, the north side of the garden has a large earthen floor for barbecues and water play for children. We planned this layout because we thought it would be effective to block the view from the roads and the harsh sunlight of Gunma. The earthen floor in each garden creates a connection between the gardens, which gives a circulation throughout the building. This circulation removes the boundary between inside and outside, and we aimed to create a space that can be felt more spacious than the actual area of the small house.