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House in Shibuya

Residence @ Shibuya Tokyo
Design: Rei Oshima /SNARK Inc.
Project Management / Design Direction: Masayuki Sakurai, Yohei Yamaguchi /TRAIL HEADS
Construction: Double Box
Total area: 203.1㎡
Completion: Jul.2020
Photo: Tomooki Kengaku



This is a renovation project of an apartment in Tokyo. Although it is located in the city center, it has large windows that allow you to see the greenery outside. We dismantled the walls dividing the rooms to create one large room. To emphasize the artworks collected by the owner, we thought of cutting down the surrounding elements. By using materials that give a calm impression such as stone, wood, and iron, and by installing light-colored products, we created a space that gives a sense of unity. We believe that a sense of comfort is created by the fusion of unified design and the expression of architecture, products and art.