House in Setagaya

Residence+Office @ Setagaya Tokyo
Design: Sunao Koase, (Nao Kuroda) /SNARK Inc.+ Shin Yokoo, Kakeru Tsuruta /OUVI
Planting: AYANAS
Construction: Kichiraku Construction
Total area: 151.30㎡ (1F/81.74㎡ 2F/69.56㎡)
Completion: May.2017
Photo: Yoshitsugu Fuminari


A project of an illustrator’s studio and residence, and also his parents’ residence. We imagined the routes the clients are likely to take within this house and designed a U-shaped plan so that the outside elements (green and wind) could be drawn into their lives. We hope they feel the changing of seasons in spare moments from work and everyday life.