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House in Uehara

Residence @ Uehara, Tokyo
Design: Yu Yamada, Shota Kaneko, Ayaka Seki /SNARK Inc.
Consulting: ReBITA inc.
Construction: ICOS
Total area: 80.10㎡
Completion: Mar. 2022
Photo: Ippei Shinzawa



This is a renovation project for an apartment in Yoyogi-Uehara, Tokyo.
In order to bring out the charm of the room with a lush garden, we created a large living and dining room by connecting two rooms facing the garden. A low cabinet and curtain boxes that also serve as shelves were installed along the windows so that residents can use the window area in various ways. The floor that borders the garden is finished with tiles. By connecting the windows of different shapes and positions in each room with these, we attempted to make the window area look unified. We used glossy marble mosaic tiles that match the color of the existing tiles in the garden, which creates a relationship between the room and the garden and directs natural light into the room.