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House in Shimouma

Residence @ Shimouma, Tokyo
Design: Yu Yamada, Noriko Koba, Ayaka Seki /SNARK Inc.
Consulting: ReBITA inc.
Construction: LIHALIS
Total area: 47.88㎡
Completion: May. 2022
Photo: Ippei Shinzawa


A renovation project for an apartment in Setagaya, Tokyo.
We aimed to create a sense of spaciousness even in a small room by giving it a sense of openness and circulation.
The living and dining room and the bedroom are adjacent to each other and separated by a 1-meter-high half wall. That keeps the spaciousness of the living and dining room while ensuring the privacy of the bedroom. The finish of the half wall is switched from the rest of the room and is continuous to the entrance. The corridor connecting the entrance and the living and dining room has a wide frontage and is finished with glossy tiles to allow light to reflect deep into the room. The shelf posts on the wall are installed in line with the joints of the tiles to extend the function of the wall without spoiling the design.