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House in Nasu

Residence @ Nasu Tochigi
Design: Sunao Koase, Megumi Yamazaki /SNARK Inc.
Construction: Mokuso inc.
Total area: 118.81㎡ (1F/87.77㎡ 2F/31.04㎡)
Site area: 938.93㎡
Completion: Nov.2020
Photo: Takehiro Goto







On a site facing a national forest in Tochigi Prefecture, we created a house to spend time with the nature under the condition that the building coverage ratio was 20% and that the building site had to be 5 meters away from the neighboring land.

The client couple wanted a house that blends in with the surrounding forest and environment, a functional storage for their hobby tools, a comfortable living and dining room that projects the atmosphere of the cafe where the husband works, and a spacious space that is not divided into too many rooms.

In the center of the house, we created an earthen floor that connects the front door to the back door. Across the earthen floor, the bedroom and the bathroom are located on the west side, and the living and dining room on the east side. The earthen floor space and the hobby room are adjacent to each other and can be used as one room. The clients who like skiing and climbing mountains will use the earthen floor for maintenance of those tools, chopping wood and gardening.

We chose materials and finishes that reflect the clients’ generous and peaceful atmosphere. By working together with the them and their friend, a local builder, we were able to create a house that exudes warmth.