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House in Ebisu

Residence @ Ebisu, Tokyo
Design: Yu Yamada, Mami Umayahara /SNARK Inc.
Consulting: ReBITA inc.
Construction: LIHALIS
Floor area: 51.58㎡
Completion: Oct.2020
Photo: Ippei Shinzawa



▶︎ mydot./ReBITA


This is a series of renovation project for small-scale second-hand apartment called “mydot.” developed by Rebita Inc.
Based on the concept of a life that is not completed within the house and the creation of a flexible and convenient base in central Tokyo, the house was planned to be used in a variety of ways that are not constrained by conventional floor plans and practices.

The house consists of an entrance large enough to be used as a room, a compact bathroom, and a living and dining room with a movable counter to change the layout. Shelf uprights were added to the counter and some of the walls so that small shelves could be freely placed on them. The shelves designed in a circle motif associated with “mydot”. The towel rail, the paper holder, and door handles are also designed in the same way, and various “dots” are scattered throughout the house.