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ecolab cafe

エコラボ カフェ
Cafe @ Takasaki, Gunma
Design: Sunao Koase, Noriko Koba, Ayaka Seki /SNARK Inc.
Client: Gunseisha inc.
Construction: Togiya, Interior Tsunoda, Roccadia design and works, gambit, WOOD IN WOOD FURNITURE
Planting: AYANAS
Floor area: 196㎡
Completion: Sep. 2021
Photo: Ippei Shinzawa



We converted the first floor of an office building in Takasaki into a place for new business activities of an industrial waste disposal company that has a philosophy of designing the environment rather than just disposing of waste.
The client had three requests: the first was to create a cafe that would promote awareness of the natural environment and the SDGs, the second was to create a coworking space to foster young entrepreneurs, and the third was to create a play area for children that would help the child-rearing generation. Since it was expected that a variety of people would use the space, we aimed to create a tolerant space where everyone would feel comfortable. Instead of dividing each space with a wall, we switched the materials used in each area to change the atmosphere, so that customers could secure their own space while at the same time maintaining a sense of spatial connection.
We designed the space that embodies the client’s philosophy of revitalizing waste and promoting a circular economy by upcycling materials such as making desk tops from plastic scrap.