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クリアトーレ ウィズ プラス 名古屋
Showroom @ Marunouchi, Nagoya
Design: Rei Oshima, Sunao Koase, Yu Yamada, Mako Shimanuki /SNARK Inc.
Construction: SPD meiji
Furniture: Roccadia design and works, MACRI
Steel Product: gambit
Floor area: 989.09㎡
Completion: Jan. 2022
Photo: Daisuke Shima /ad hoc

オフィスづくりをサポートする拠点「CREATORE with PLUS」名古屋 ショールームである。オフィスとリモート、必要に応じて場所を選択できる働き方が模索される中、 “Work in life” のコンセプトのもと、計画地であるオフィスビルを多様な生活の場の連続としてとらえて計画を進めた。ショールームとしてひとつひとつの商材をみせることも重要だが、昨今の多様な働き方のシーンにおいては可変性のある使い方によって、人それぞれの居場所やシーンの見え方が変化していくような展示空間が重要だと考えた。住空間を意識したスケールや設え、街を意識したスケールや設えにショールーム機能として家具、物、人が集まる。エリアごとにデザインされた大きな開口、通路や窓を抜けて、それらが連なり風景となるような空間構成とした。



CREATORE with PLUS is a facility operated by PLUS Corporation, a manufacturer of office stationery and furniture, that provides support services for office creation. We designed its branch office in Nagoya, Japan. The concept of “Work in Life” was developed in response to a growing trend toward a work style that allows people to choose where to work, whether at home or elsewhere as well as offices. Based on this concept, we considered the planned site as a place to express various ways of living. As a showroom, it is important to showcase each product and furniture, but in today’s diverse work environment, we believed that it was essential to have an exhibition space where visitors can see changes in their lifestyles and workstyles through the variable use of these products. Furniture and people gather in the showroom with a scale and layout designed for living spaces and cities. Large openings, corridors, and windows designed for each area overlap with the exhibits, creating a variety of landscapes.

We designed furniture using recycled materials. Waste materials from the client’s furniture factory was used as finishing material for the benches. We also created chair display stands using interior materials that were scrapped during this renovation. In many office interior projects, demolition and renovation are often done in a short period of time, but we value designing in a sustainable way, rather than just tearing down and building something new.