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Office @ Higashi-nihonbashi, Tokyo
Design: Yu Yamada, Shota Kaneko /SNARK Inc.
Construction: SNARK DIY
Steel products: gambit
Floor area: 49㎡
Completion: Sep. 2023
Photo: Ippei Shinzawa



This is the Tokyo office of SNARK Inc. The office and material room were planned to fit the existing floor plan where the plumbing is concentrated in the center of the space. We designed three types of desks for the office room: freestanding, wall-supported, and shelf-supported, depending on where they are placed. We also designed slits into the desk tops to store charging cables, pens, and tissues. Products such as shelves, lighting, and paper holders were designed to be attached to the existing wall surface to create a sense of unity. To facilitate DIY installation of shelves in the material room, we designed stacked shelves with ready-made size tile tops and mirror-surfaced SUS pipes. This is an office of designers, by designers, for designers, where new structures and details can be improvised on the spot to fit existing conditions.