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House in Saishikada

Residence @ Midorishi, Gunma
Design: Yu Yamada, Ryota Yamagishi, Sunao Koase /SNARK Inc.+ Shin Yokoo, Kakeru Tsuruta /OUVI
Construction: Matsunami Construction
Total area: 101.73㎡ (1F/75.96㎡ 2F/25.77㎡)
Completion: Sep.2018
Photo: Ippei Shinzawa







Stacked relationship

This project was built a wooden 2-story house built in the suburb area of Midori City, Gunma Prefecture, Japan. The site condition was located in the middle of the high hill and flat site 3m above from the front road as artificial land. We designed a rectangular house on the north side of the site as it proposed two ideas. Those are to keep the natural garden on the site while enjoying the rural scenery for overlooking the hill.

On the first floor, Kitchen, Living-dining room, and Bedroom are connected to the garden through each opening to create an independent spatial place without proper walls. This designs a spatial relationship in the short side direction. Atelier is independent because of floating from the site.
On the whole floor, by proposing some bumpy place along the long side, it is used as a storage for kitchen, bathroom, entrance porch, and space for equipment machines. Furthermore, by designing the side walls have an angle of 45 degrees that became load-bearing walls acting in both directions for the earthquake shaking. Rooms cut in the short side within the rectangular volume are usually divided by some load-bearing walls but there are not any structural walls inside.

On the second floor, by proposing a dark-skinny space created by two beams with a gap and four offset columns that support the 19m long-span of the gable roof. DJ booth and children’s room, the dark-skinny space are not physically connected but consciousness is guided by the rural scenery which spreads far away. Here is that this designs the spatial relationship in the long side direction as the contrast to the first floor.

For viewing the rural scenery, the house needed to place as high as possible on the site because of keeping privacy from the front road. Although the northern retaining wall which has been belonging to the neighbor’s site was not safe, this house had to built stand-alone from the surrounding situation. We proposed that the house supported by unique foundations with 3 different hight following the slope of the natural ground. Those are from 1m to 3m depth and the positions for which bending moments of the cantilever slab and the middle slabs are balanced.

The first floor like something near a natural environment and the second floor like an observation deck for seeing the rural scenery under the large triangle roof that would give a rich experience through to stacked spaces when residents go up and down in daily life.