House in Kawauchi

Residence @ Kiryuu Gunma
Design: Sunao Koase, Tomohiro Okada /SNARK Inc.
Construction: 星野建築
Total area: 93.2㎡
Completion: May.2020
Photo: Lo.cul.p








This project is a renovation of a 40-year-old house in Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture.
We dismantled walls that had divided the rooms and created a single living and dining room. We planned to create a space slightly separated by pillars and walls within a large space. The plan was designed to fulfill the client’s desire to spend their time surrounded by plants, home goods, and furniture which they like, and to use the large warehouse on the site to open a store in the future. In order to make the building stand out against the surrounding greenery, we used pale pink, a complementary color to the green, for the exterior walls and interior.

We made a sunroom on the east side of the house adjacent to the warehouse. The sunroom is a space that can be used in a variety of ways, such as for growing plants or for housework. We hope that the sunroom and the warehouse, which have various possibilities, will inspire new ways of living.