Planner / PR

Yuki Ochiai

1988年生まれ、兵庫県出身。神戸大学大学院 国際協力研究科修了。銀行で外国為替ディーリングの営業を担当したのち、開発途上国支援を行うコンサルティング会社にて、日本企業のアフリカ進出支援業務に従事。2020年よりSNARKで事業企画・広報を担当し、SNARKの建築とその魅力をより広く伝える方法を探っている。


Born in Kobe in 1988. Earned a master’s degree in economics from Kobe University. Began her career as a foreign exchange dealer at a bank following which she worked at a consulting company helping Japanese companies expand in African countries. Since she joined SNARK in 2020, she has been working as a Planning and PR manager.

Outside of work, she enjoys taking strolls at night and exploring sento (public baths) and saunas. She also is working on introducing African fashion brands to Japan.

Works :
・2020 FAN PARK