Backoffice Manager/Contents Director

Natsuko Koase

1986年群馬県前橋市生まれ。大学卒業後、商社にて法人営業、別注品の企画提案に従事した後、広告代理店にて社内及びグループ会社の経理業務を経験。2018年SNARK Inc.に入社しバックオフィスを担当。働きやすい新しい形の設計事務所づくりに取り組む。2児の母。

Born in Maebashi City, Gunma in 1986. After graduating from university, she worked in corporate sales and proposing custom-made products at a trading company following which she worked in accounting at an advertising company. She joined SNARK Inc. in 2018 and is working on creating a new type of architectural design office that provides a positive working environment. She is a mother of two children.