Ayaka Seki

1995    群馬県川場村生まれ
2018    工学院大学 建築学部 建築デザイン学科 卒業(冨永洋子研究室)
2020    工学院大学大学院 工学研究科 建築学専攻 修了(冨永洋子研究室)
          SNARK Inc. 入社


1995    Born in Kawaba Village, Gunma
2018    Bachelor in Architecture at Kogakuin University
2020    Master in Architecture at Kogakuin University
          Designer at SNARK Inc.

While at university, Ayaka studied architecture in the UK for several months and participated in volunteer work for building houses in Indonesia and the Philippines. She is particularly interested in designing public buildings and new residential buildings.

Works :
・House in Niiza
・House in Himonya
・House in Shimouma
・House in Uehara
・House in Mita
・B.W. Records & Bar
・ecolab cafe
・13 COFFEE ROASTERS Pop-up Store