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House in Mita

Residence @ Mita, Tokyo
Design: Yu Yamada, Shota Kaneko, Ayaka Seki /SNARK Inc.
Consulting: ReBITA inc.
Construction: BEANS
Total area: 71.15㎡
Completion: Jan.2021
Photo: Ippei Shinzawa, Takuya Furusue


A renovation of an apartment in Minato-ku, Tokyo.
The unique floor shape of the apartment made it difficult to make major changes to the layout and number of rooms. In the original layout, the living room did not have sufficient lighting due to the bedroom facing the balcony. In order to bring out the potential of L-shaped rooms facing the balcony, we reduced the area of each room to the very limit and created blank spaces between the balcony and the rooms. Each of these blank spaces allows light and air to pass through, and can be used in a variety of ways according to one’s lifestyle. In addition, we changed the floor finish and the direction of the flooring based on the floor plan to create a sense of continuity to the balcony.